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Sacred Surrender All In Ascension

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Do you feel there is something missing in your life?

Do you want fulfillment in all areas of your life?

Do you feel that you are due for greatness?

Do you feel something great is going to happen soon but doesn’t materialize?

Do you feel that your overthinking creates negative emotions?

Do you feel energetically drained sometimes but don’t know why?

Do you feel that your emotions take over and the good that is coming gets blocked?

Do you want to learn how to stay in peace during the chaos?


If you answered yes to at least 3 of these questions, this Online Course is for you! 

In my own journey, I was able to come out of being in the whirlwind of a situation that made me feel trapped.  As much as I knew better, I couldn’t really see what was ahead of me.  I couldn’t even have the aha moments because I was disconnected from the best version of my new reality. 

I was living in the past, which was necessary for me to see clearly what I had done to keep me stuck for so long.  I understood that the lesson from the experiences had to happen in order to move to the next level.  It was when I could embrace that it was no one’s fault. It was to learn the patterns of thought and the patterns of behavior that had taken me to accepting things I could have walked away from experiencing.  Instead, I stayed and played out the role until the full circle was closed.  It gave me the inner strength to know that I would never want to see my self in that place again nor would I stand back and watch someone else endure it without speaking up to teach them its not okay.  

 I understood how my mission and purpose in this life is to shine like a star and when being in a relationship where I felt oppressed, it took me to live out a fear-based and emotionally tumultuous reality.  I had not realized how much I participated in what happened to me to the point that everything appeared normal to all of those around.  I am free, in a good way, means that I got it. I understood how it was important to go through the journey and enjoy it because it was teaching me the life lessons I would teach others.  In the mindset of gratitude, it helped me to realize what I deserve and what is the unforgivable.  I have experienced so many different emotions and situations that the issues of my life that hurt so deeply are the ones that have helped me heal so deeply.  It’s all perfect.  I have gone full circle from feeling like the victim, to feeling sad, to feeling angry, to feeling lost, to feeling embarrassed and ashamed, to feeling strong, to feeling peace and now feeling acceptance.  

Now I can cater to working with those who have been in similar situations in their relationships. I am ready to help you understand the importance of healing the emotions that have detrimentally impacted you so that you can begin the process of manifestation vibration to whatever you feel you need this time around.


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Topics covered in this course:

  1. Start Living a High Vibrational Life

  2. Being true to yourself

  3. Where is the information coming from?

  4. What are your thoughts doing?

  5. Identify what happens before you feeling good

  6. Energy , vibration & Frequency in the way we communicate

  7. Meditation With Intention

  8. "Excuses Excuses"

  9. Having Fun While Healing

  10. Do you really think you're in control?

  11. "Be the light"

  12. What are your distractions in living the life you love? How do you sabotage your own happiness?

  13. Meditation With Intention

  14. "Connect to the essence of you"

  15. "Taking responsibility"

  16. Meditation With Intention

  17. What is the difference between Hoping/wishing and manifesting?

  18. Inner Peace

  19. Unfinished Business

  20. The Power of Saying “No”

  21. A Note of Gratitude