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I Am Strong

I have worked on creating mantras and affirmations that helped me breakdown, to breakthrough and finally break free from the entanglements of a very challenging relationship. It was so difficult to live my life to its fullest knowing my dreams of passion and purpose appeared so impossible to reach. 

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Many use that phrase to describe how things use to be in the past while they are reminiscing on the good things that happened. Although at times we are allowing the bad to define our life, looking at the good that happened and all the greatness that came out of that experience is much more important.

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What is it that everyone wants? PEACE!!!!

Many times, we want to have peace of mind and peace in our lives but we aren’t aware of what is getting in the way.  I know for me it was the energy and emotion of resentment that was holding me back from having peace.  I thought I had fully forgiven and let go of the hurt I had endured but instead I found that I was not done with the forgiveness process.

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