Running From The Past


For the past few years, I had been running so hard and so fast from my past because I wanted nothing to do with that part of my life anymore. At one point it was fear, then it became anger and rage and finally it became acceptance. 

After running, in my own exhaustion, I realized I was trying to escape everything, even the greatness in my life. I had left all that I loved, which is watching the greatness blossom and unfold by working with people looking to be better.

In my process of searching,
I had to stop and analyze me!!!

I had to look deeply in my soul and acknowledge that the best part of me is when I’m teaching others to be great. When I’m teaching ways to master the very thoughts that can take anyone to destruction. I realized that my passion had been trampled in my running. 

I am now in full surrender to my deepest essence and core that my hearts desire to be of service to others takes presidency over it all.

It is my ultimate desire to touch as many lives while teaching ways and offering tools to master the mind less ideas that get in the way of greatness. 

I love that I have found my way back. I could let go of the things that no longer serve me while keeping all the wonderful attributes that make my life’s journey perfect. 

Dare to be ALL OF YOU!!!

Be inspired to walk away from the past that no longer serves you while embracing all that’s in front of you. You do deserve to live out your passions and dreams.