My Life Was Touched By An Angel


For years, I spent my life asking for a miracle. I prayed for the angels to come and show themselves. I wanted so deeply to have the experience to be touched by an angel.

I’ve done meditations, mantras, regressions and even prayers asking for them to show themselves. My spiritual journey deepened even more when I was going through moments of darkness in my life. I knew I was being watched and protected by something so much greater than me but didn’t realize how close it was to my present existence.

I’ve been inspired to read the Tao in search of a powerful master and sage. Always looking for more and longing to connect.

In my journey to find me,
I found the greatest guide of all.
I saw it in my little shiatsu Mimi.

She didn’t really bark unless there was really something wrong with her. She was a wonderful observer. Her dark big eyes told a full story as she knew me better than I knew myself. She felt my pain. She cried with me. She knew better than I did the darkness I was living. She held on until she knew it was safe to leave. She waited for me to heal and be strong enough to part in the physical world. Even when she was mistreated, she loved unconditionally.

She lived inspired by her wisdom and her love filled heart poured out to everyone around her. She knew that in her silence, she brought peace, even in the chaos. She was the bearer of light even when there was darkness around her. She was all tail wagging and smiles around those she loved most. She was truly the angel that touched my life. She laughed with me, cried with me and sat by me as long as I needed her. She was beyond any friend, she was truly my angel. I know in her passing, she will be that beautiful guide that will be the light in my life’s journey.

Who’s been the angel in your life that touched you and made such an impact?

Love and light,
Aileen C