Why I Created A Sacred Surrender Method?


In my many years as a family therapist, I learned a lot about people’s emotions and their thoughts.  I was exposed to working with people who had experienced all sorts of trauma in their lives.  I got to understand about karma and different debts we carry into this lifetime from past lifetimes.  I was even inspired to become an expert at using the power of words for great communication between couples, relationships and even high conflictive interactions and coming to a place of neutrality. 

The part of my work that taught me the most, was how to see and feel other people’s pain.  I thought it was a very interesting part of my work until I realized that helping them out of their tragedy was a way that I used to cope with my own destruction.

I could go deep into the wounds of their heart because my own heart ache was devastating. I could teach expression of kindness, through the use of words because I was looking for words of inspiration and wisdom.  I could teach transparency and standing in truth because I wanted my world to make sense.  I encouraged reconciliation and peace because my essence was screaming for a quiet place of serenity. I was very keen in identifying the light and being in the light because my soul was in complete darkness.  

I remember spending my whole life trying to understand what WENT WRONG while it all appeared SO RIGHT!!!

I became extremely analytical which was a wonderful gift to use in my practice as a therapist.  In my own life, I did a lot of justifying and defending myself all the time.  

I found myself explaining why:

  • I was so smart

  • I was so pretty

  • I was so liked by boys

  • I was so popular

  • I was so nice

  • I was so organized

  • I was so clean

  • I was so loyal

  • I was so good in writing

  • I was so good in being myself

  • I was so attractive to men

  • I was so successful in making money

  • I was so good at closing deals

  • I was so good at being an entrepreneur

  • I was so approachable

  • I was such a good therapist

  • I was so good as a mom

  • I was so dedicated to my family

  • I was so good at knowing what I want

  • I was so good at seeing the greatness in others

  • I was so good at being on purpose

  • I was so good at seeing others pain and walking them through it

  • I was so neutral and mediated very well

  • I was so compassionate with family court cases

I could go on for days!!!! But I won’t bore you.  You obviously get the picture.  This is what happens when we are judged for every bit of good aspect we bring into the world.  This is what it sounds like.  It has been a lifelong journey for me to reprogram why I couldn’t MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH!!! 

I challenge you to write your own list of every story you created as to why you couldn’t be ALL THAT YOU WANTED AND MORE!!!!

The Sacred Surrender Method I created is exactly what I used to unravel all the entanglements that happened in my thoughts, emotions and energetic field, in order to be in my own space of love, compassion, joy and peace.  

With love and light from my heart to yours,
Aileen C