What is the One Thing that Ignites the Light within You?


In my new journey, I found myself looking for all the answers to what I had been experiencing, outside of me.

I went out searching for people who could mentor, coach, inspire and guide me. I felt like I had lost my self in the tragedies of what I had gone through in my journey, and looking to be saved was the only thing that made sense.

I found some really great people along the way and for that I am forever grateful. I found one in particular that reminded me that the answers were never going to be outside of me. She took me to the root of everything which was ME!!!! She reminded me that I was running so hard and so fast, I hadn’t given myself the opportunity to just pause and sit with me for a while.

I did just that in my escapade to a beautiful place called Marco Island on the west coast of Florida. I was with myself for a couple enlightening days where I had to dig deep to where I had lost myself. I had forgotten the greatness that I had created in a beautiful practice of helping others find the truth within themselves. The moment of true awakening happened when I asked myself the question, “What is the one thing that ignites the light within”? My answer was helping people make sense of the thoughts in their head and align to their inner bliss.

That’s what I did for myself and found the perfect divine alignment within me. It was such a profound moment of bliss and joy. Everything felt perfect. It was all I needed to feel!!! It was the magical moment that set me free to be me again.

I was no longer the person that was abused and broken, I was the true essence of the being of light that stepped into her purpose to help others be their beautiful selves again.

I invite you to do a Sacred Surrender where you get to allow your connection with your inner self and step into the quiet moment of being with you. You will find the magic you’ve been searching for a long time. Enjoy your Sacred Surrender moment and you will find joy.