The Journey To A Sacred Surrender


How many times have you heard bad news and called to God or a spiritual being for help?

Especially when getting an alarming diagnosis and pleading with God or a higher power to save you or your loved one. 

It’s something most of us do on automatic pilot. We call for back up from the spiritual realms yet in our every day experiences, we want to control it all. 

As I’m talking to you, I’m talking to myself.

I was in a toxic relationship for many years and had been on a spiritual path yet I thought I could change him from being himself. My prayers were about asking for strength to change him not strength to leave. I focused so much on him and what I had to change in both of us to make it better, until one day it was too much and I called my spiritual guides letting them know it was enough. I remember in the moment of breaking down to incessant crying, acclimating for help to get ME OUT of the situation. It wasn’t about me controlling things in the physical world anymore. I had to go into a deep SACRED SURRENDER while accepting it wasn’t my job to change anyone.

It was a beautiful moment when I sat in meditation and deep prayer accepting that what I had endured was exactly how things were suppose to happen. It was in that very moment that I stopped fighting myself. I fell into a moment of serenity and inner peace because my thoughts were in silence and my heart was filled with love. 

It was the very day my life shifted. I recognized that my resistance to asking for help and being in EGO where I had to fix the unfixable, had kept me in a whirlwind of abuse at many levels. Including my own abusive behavior towards me. I had stayed because I didn’t want to admit I had failed in my marriage. I wanted to prove that I could overcome everything.

I learned to listen to my inner voice which was the voice of God and the angels who walked me through the most scary path of leaving someone that I had feared for so long.

I’m encouraging you to think of the day you can release from being in control and step into the journey of Sacred Surrender where your true answers already exist.

In what area of your life are you controlling and fixing the unfixable which has held you back from living a life of serenity and joy?