On Top Of The World


Am I really here? Is it even possible to have the life you’ve envisioned? I’m asking these and many other questions to myself because what I’ve wished for is actually MY NEW LIFE. 

It has taken me a bit to be accepting that the life of my dreams is really what I deserve. It appeared as something so far away that stepping into it is like being in a pretend world. 

I know I’m worthy of it but there were so many distractions and interferences, for so many years, that it is truly a miracle to be here NOW!

The life of my dreams is saturated with feelings of peace and harmony surrounded by all sorts of abundance. I’m truly living from passion and purpose. I feel so gifted because everyone deserves this reality and it’s been a challenge to feel that it’s what I’m ready to experience. 

I had asked for so long, WHY ME??? Today I say, WHY NOT ME??? It’s been quite a journey. Lots of love, tears, disappointments, reinventing myself, acceptance and getting out of my way at so many levels. 

I am that little girl that came into this world to have everything that fills my heart with love and joy. 

Don’t play small!!! You deserve and are worthy to accept that the perfect life for you is out there. All your hearts desires exist in your new reality in the new dimension of your life. Step into what is already yours. Say YES and accept you’re next in line for the beautiful gifts of being and living at your best. 

I hope you can honor that this time all your excuses have been exhausted and it’s your turn to surrender to the miracles that await you. Celebrate in splendor and your life will be worth every thing you endured to come out on TOP OF THE WORLD!!!

Love and light 💖