I Am Strong


I have worked on creating mantras and affirmations that helped me breakdown, to breakthrough and finally break free from the entanglements of a very challenging relationship. It was so difficult to live my life to its fullest knowing my dreams of passion and purpose appeared so impossible to reach. 

I came out the other side knowing that the person I was at the time, that was in such a despicable place, is now indulged in delicious joy and peace. 

The words I AM STRONG, were a constant reminder that falling was not an option. It was what would get me through the spurts of crying incessantly until there were no more tears to cry. These were words of encouragement that the worse had been left behind. These words resonated in raising my vibration to feeling that light was my new reality because all darkness had dissipated. They were the words that built a resilient resolve and confidence that breaking through was the only way to go. 

I AM STRONG took me through every block, through every distraction, through every interruption, until breaking free was all that was left. 

Find powerful words that will take you to breakdown, to then breakthrough, until breaking free is your next breath of life experience in your new dimensional reality. If I did it, you can do it too. Just say to yourself, I AM STRONG!!!