Living Beyond Purpose


After a beautiful experience with amazing women, who took the leap of faith in their own healing journey, it was powerful to watch the transformation that happened in only three days!!!

I was in full awe to see what the power of love and gratitude can do in a room where all judgement was absent. It was magical to experience how each person that had just met one another, was capable and fully embracing the opportunity to love and support each other. I witnessed a level of light coming from each of the women that could ignite any room.

I was humbled by understanding that the outside noise has no influence when a few gather to nurture and heal one another by the mere presence of being in the moment with only one focus, sending love and healing energy to watch a flower blossom from a stem.

The weekend was life changing for each of us in different ways and my biggest take away was surrendering to follow the message that by creating the retreat, the right women would not only show up, but would be open to all possibilities of being influenced by the love, guidance and light of stepping into a new life experience.

I’m so deeply grateful to have been the channel through which the information was downloaded to share with these beautiful souls. This is living BEYOND PURPOSE!!!!