My Mom Taught Me How To Love, My Dad Taught Me How To Win


In the process of surrender, let's reflect on the impact our parents have had on us. We tend to see all the negative so that we can use them as an excuse for what has gone wrong in our lives. The truth is that in all the bad, there is always something very powerful we learned from each of our parents.

In my case, I learned how to love from my mom and I learned how to win from my dad. It dawned on me in recent years, how I have evolved with the teachings of my parents.

The nurturing aspect that my mom brought to my awareness is the level of unconditional love she showed to her daughters and grandchildren. The selflessness with her family and friends. The level of vulnerability she opened up in order to share peace with all who know her.

On the other hand, my father taught me how to take perseverance to the next level. To focus on what I wanted and stop at nothing until it was manifested. It’s a great attribute because giving up was never an option.  He did well in teaching his daughters and grandchildren by his own example since at the age of 83, he’s still running his business.

It is apparent how each of my parents taught me the importance of being in the masculine energy of doing and the feminine energy of receiving. Both attributes are very necessary to be in balance and in integrity with the self and the universe.

Who would have thought that all those days of complaining would bring me to deep appreciation of both my mom and dad.

What did you learn from each of your parents? How did that shape who you are today?