Extraordinary People Do Extraordinary Things


How many times have you met an extraordinary person and when you compliment them, they minimize their genius and respond, “Oh that was nothing”?

It’s the reason why I love doing what I do. I get to see the beauty in the people I serve and remind them of their greatness and help them own it. You see, if it goes by as something small, then the gift of EXTRAORDINARY doesn’t get shared at its highest potential. It remains as ordinary and many times gets lost until it diffuses and disappears.

Imagine that!!! The most EXTRAORDINARY gift someone has, which shines as their purpose, gets nominated out before it ever makes it to be shared with others, just because the individual doesn’t see its value.

In other words, the gift becomes the trash!!!!

In a moment of reflection, what is your genius? When did you let it go as something small? How can you take it back and make it shine?

You’re EXTRAORDINARY is YOUR gift. It’s yours so that you can share it with the world. Let us have the opportunity to see you and your gift.