Passion Is Living


Can you even imagine how some people get by without knowing their passions?

Even children demonstrate what they are passionate about when they go to all lengths, to manipulate the adults, to get what they want. We might see them as brats or defiant, but the truth is that when they know what they want they will persist to get their way.

YOU were a child once!!!  I invite you to reflect on a moment when you wanted something so badly, you would stop at nothing to get it. Connect to the feeling of victory when you had won that battle. That’s when feeling passion ignites your soul.  It’s the sense of satisfaction that you did something GREAT!!! You’re fueled by the emotion of resilience and perseverance that makes you unstoppable. You then redirect that same formula to other areas of your life that are worthy of your fight.

When was the last time you stood up for something that made you feel great? What happened that stopped you from trying? What would you do to spark that energy back up again?

This is REAL!! This is YOUR LIFE!!! You only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!! Isn’t it time you put your passions to work for you?