The Worse That Could Happen Did Happen


The Worse That Could Happen Did Happen

We don’t realize the harmful impact we have on the people we love and that love us, when we become immersed in the darkness of a toxic and abusive relationship. We lose all site of how much we are hurting ourselves and the grief we are causing to others, without even realizing it.

In a conversation with my sister, I realized how evil I had acted in the past because of the fear of disappointing someone else who had me paralyzed in fear. I conspired against those I love so dearly. I sacrificed them and the love they wanted to offer me, just to attempt to keep some level of peace. I realized, it was all an illusion!!! I would have to hear it anyway. The discussion was going to happen. The judgement of how horrible I was, would be expressed and the guilt would consume me for not defending a created conflict against my own family, was the inevitable.

The worse that could possibly happen did happen. I was left torn because I lost so many moments I could have shared making beautiful memories with my sister and her family and either way I was punished for not being what that person wanted me to be.

I tell you, it wasn’t worth it. Nothing is worth you compromising your existence to please someone who is so disappointed in themselves and in their own life, that they can’t stand a moment of watching you in true bliss and joy.

If you have someone like that in your life, the best advice I can give you is run!!! They won’t change. They will be consumed with destroying you before they even have a moment to recognize that everything they’ve created to hurt you is an illusion in their mind.

Don’t be a victim!!! That’s all you’ll be. There is no heroism in being destroyed from being your true essence.