Many use that phrase to describe how things use to be in the past while they are reminiscing on the good things that happened. Although at times we are allowing the bad to define our life, looking at the good that happened and all the greatness that came out of that experience is much more important.

I know I was stuck in all the bad that I left behind when leaving an abusive relationship of so many years and all that kept playing in my mind was the negative.

Today, I can reflect back and think of “THE GOOD OLD DAYS”, with love and warmth in my heart. It was all that I learned and how much I grew from all the experiences, that made it all perfect.

I learned how to be stronger to confront situations that are uncomfortable.

I learned to value myself and love me more.

I learned the importance of teaching others how to treat me.

I learned to step into courage and remove myself from situations that don’t feel good.

I learned what I want in my next relationship.

I learned to love myself and put myself first so that I can be the best version of me for my loved ones.

I learned the power of saying no to others and yes to me.

Those wonderful “GOOD OLD DAYS”, helped me become the beautiful person I am today. It was through it ALL that I’m full of wisdom and serenity and will teach others how to get through the difficult moments of their lives.

Think about “THE GOOD OLD DAYS” in your life. Reminisce and see all the blossoming you did because of all that you endured. It’s a very magical feeling.

Love and light 💝🦋🌟