Enjoying A Month Away By Myself


In October of 2016, I was asked to write about my experience if I were to have a month all to myself.  

This is what resonated: I've had an amazing experience working on the assignment of being away for a month and exploring all the fears I would be encountering.  

I have realized that being in a place of my own would allow for me to go within and decide all the things I would enjoy rather than focusing on all my fears.  I haven't been in that alone place since I was 17 years old. That was actually over 37 years ago.

During this time, I have been able to situate myself in a place that I have created with shades of purple, lavender and pink.  I found myself doing meditations of relaxation where I could use powerful mantras to soothe my thoughts and align me with an inner peace that I had lost.  I got to connect to the stillness of a pond where I got to see the reflection of myself as a young child. I remembered how much I loved playing outside and laughing at the silly things.  

I got to cook the meals I enjoy and even skipped a meal here and there because no one was waiting for dinner.

I got to listen to music and dance while watching myself in a mirror and sang as loud as I could because no one would be disturbed by my voice.  

I slept in if I wanted to catch up on rest and woke up to a beautiful bath filled with pedals of pink flowers enriched with an aroma of lavender that soaked into my soft, smoothe skin.  

I would stay up late watching the stars as I would love to do when I was a little girl.  Saying. "Star light star bright first star I see tonight, wish I may wish I might get the wish I wish tonight".  I would go on for hours connected to the sky filled with sparkles that would fill my eyes and my heart with light.

Oh how I would enjoy my days alone remembering how special I am.  In awe with the beauty that lies within me and around me. I would recognize my essence.  The goodness that got lost in the journey of life. The part of me that got to see the good in everyone.  Judging was always the furthest thing from my mind.

This is the true gift that I hold dear to me.  The fact I get to see the light in each and every being.  I could hear the most horrific issue and see the goodness in the person as they were still trying their best.  That is exactly what has made me so successful at what I do. People recognize this beautiful gift of having no judgment because that is where I can use my powerful gift of being a healer.

My fear would be the fear of being judged.  To walk on this path of life being falsely accused and judged.  When people didn't get the opportunity of seeing who I really am.  As my beautiful mentor and amazing teacher Virginia Satir has taught me through her books and the modality I adapt in my practice, " I AM ME AND I AM OKAY".  

I was grateful for this assignment which allowed me to explore what I had lost along the way in my life’s journey.

What would your month of getting away, by yourself, look like?

All In Aileen
Love & Light