Spiritual Answers to Physical Issues


How often do you find yourself figuring out issues to your everyday life by thinking of all the possibilities and realize that divine intervention was THE SOLUTION?

Yes!! Giving in to spiritual outcomes of your everyday life may very well be the answers you’ve been looking for. Clearly, using tangible logical thoughts are not usually aligned with what is in YOUR best interest.

It is in the process of surrender and accepting that what is happening to you right now has been perfectly orchestrated for something much greater than you, to show up.

It’s even in the moments of tragedy that we figure out that someone else’s suffering isn’t conducive to them, even when we aren’t ready to let them go.

I want to invite you to think of all the things in your life that you wanted to turn out one way and when reflecting over it, you could see that a much better ending showed up.

Love yourself enough to let go of having to figure out your life when all the answers have been handed to you every step of the way. Life is beautiful when viewed through the eyes of Light.