Transition from Crucifixion to Resurrection Energy


It all happened when I realized that I had another chance of happiness in my life. For so many years, I thought the life I was living was all there was for me. It was a very complacent place that became routine and boring. I had become comfortable in the darkness.

One day I woke up and realized that I was alive because God had another plan for me. I kept hearing in my meditations, if you’re breathing, God isn’t done with you. So I began to plan my exit from a very toxic relationship of over 37 years and all of a sudden the skies began to open.

It was me who had kept me in a place of suffering, sacrifice and crucifixion. I had done that to myself. The fear of my partners reaction, when I would tell him I was done with the marriage, was so frightening that it had paralyzed me.

It wasn’t until I understood that I had a beautiful calling to make an impact on others with my work and that my story had to be shared.

Many times you might feel that your life is insignificant and that the events you have lived have nothing to do with anyone else. I’m here to tell you that you are wrong!!!

The heart aches, suffering, sacrifice and feelings of crucifixion in the moment of desperation and fear in your life, are the same events that others need to hear about to help them transition. When you share how you got out of something tragic and stepped into the light of resurrection, your message must be told.

You didn’t go through these bad moments in your life to keep it to yourself. You went through them to learn ways to make it out of the darkness and teach others how to do the same.

This is a beautiful time to embrace that the energy of crucifixion and suffering is over. It is this very moment that you get to decide enough is enough. It is this very day that you step into the light of resurrection to take your life’s journey to the delicious experiences that life has waiting for you. Make today the first day of the rest of your life living in the light and the love that is your birth right. Enjoy the new life path that offers you abundance at all levels.

All In Ascension