Is The Love Gone When The Sex Is Gone?

is the love gone.jpeg

It’s been my experience that people stay in relationships even when the love is gone. I’ve worked with so many couples who have admitted being in a sexless marriage for years and think that there is NOTHING wrong with that scenario. I tell you that there is EVERYTHING wrong with that scenario. 

Sex isn’t everything but it’s a huge part of the intimacy in a couple that extends to how they treat each other, how they communicate their needs and how safe and secure they feel with their partner. Most individuals in a relationship enjoy the companionship but feeling safe and secure is one of the top reasons people stay. 

If you question how you feel with your partner in bed, you might have that same feeling for how you feel about them in other ways as well. Do you enjoy cuddling? Do you enjoy their touch? Do you long for the next moment you get to be with them? Are you dreading having to be intimate? Do you wish they are too tired to want to be intimate with you? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to gauge your true feelings.

These are all clear indicators on whether your relationship needs work or if it’s healthy enough to continue to nurture and watch it thrive. 

The good news is that you are creating awareness to know what to do next. If you want to save what you have because you know in your heart that you are truly in love with your partner then this is a precise moment to get some help. If you know it’s time to plan an exit then surrender to that process. If you don’t even know if you love them because you don’t know if you love yourself, then it’s time for self love work.

The most important aspect to consider is that you don’t have to do it alone.

I’ve helped hundreds of couples through this transition to extend an invitation to finding true happiness in the relationship or outside. 

I’d love to chat and hear more about YOUR situation to see how I can help. 

Sending you lots of love and light,

All In AileenC