Who Clipped Your Wings?


Many times, we stay in relationships in the hope that it will change, that something or someone will change.  We begin to give up more and more of ourselves until there is nothing more to give. We give up our friends, for our partner.  We give up going out to places we enjoy, for your partner. We give up dressing up, for our partner. We give up having our time with our family, for our partner.  Then one day you realize that your partner never loved and accepted you for who you are. They have spent all these years molding you to what they needed and didn’t once realize the spectacular person you’ve been from the very first day, they laid eyes on you.

Then you begin to question the relationship. You begin to see the big picture understanding that the person you have become isn’t you at all.  You have been entrapped in being all they wanted to the point you don’t know yourself anymore. Why couldn’t they just love you for exactly who you were?  When did it all change? Where have you been all these years? How could this happen to you?

You were not in a relationship based on unconditional love.  You have been possessed by someone who got away with changing you to make you the one thing in their life that they could control and manipulate.  You have been feeding their fear and insecurity. There is NO LOVE in clipping your partners wings for them to stay with you. That is cruelty to give your love away to someone who kept you small so that they could feel better about themselves.

This happens in relationships all the time!!! If you feel this resonates with you, it’s time you step up and figure a way to change the dynamic of your relationship.  Take your wings back and expand them so that you can be free to fly and be all that you can be. The days of sacrifice and incarceration are over.