Scarcity In Romance

Are you a successful woman looking for the same level of success you have in your personal life that you have in your professional life?

Divorce seems to be an epidemic particularly in relationships where there is a powerful successful woman that has built her career and is self motivated to have financial abundance yet feels scarcity in her romantic life. The worse thing of all is that she begins to question herself and feels guilty for being so successful. She feels misunderstood and insignificant in the relationship. She feels the obligation to build her partner up and minimize her greatness. She wants to feel the support that her partner can carry their own weight but is disappointed most of the time. She worked so hard for her success and now has to dumb it down to fit in to someone else’s expectation of her.

Do you feel that you’re ready for love in your life?

Do you want to be seen for who you are?

Do you want to be with someone who understands you?

Do you want someone who accepts your career?

Do you want someone who loves that you are successful, who admires and respects  you?

Someone who encourages you to grow?

If you resonate with this woman, you have the opportunity to step into the awareness and acceptance that it’s been you. It’s easy when you can see it in someone else but when you’re in it, is a completely different story.

If you could imagine having the professional and personal success, would you feel like your life is awesome? The truth is that you deserve all of it right here and right now.

In my work, I serve women who lost their identity being what everyone else wanted them to be, who are in search of more and want to find purpose and live a life of dreams fulfilled.

I’d love a chat if you’re ready to do you work and step into your own light again.