Love Is Everywhere


It’s the month of February and everyone is talking about Valentines Day. For many, it comes with a lot of anxiety and even sadness.

Are you living out the love experience you would love to have? Are you informing your love partner what you really want? Are you expecting them to mess it up by not getting you the right gift, or take you to the right restaurant or maybe forgets about you totally?

The most important aspect of this day of love is to be with people you love and people who make you feel loved. It is your responsibility to love yourself so others can love you.

When you make all sorts of excuses as to why you’re not good enough, the universe conspires with you and gives you more reasons to feel you’re not good enough. Fall in Love with all the aspects of you, even the ones you want to change, so that your loved ones can also see all the beauty you bring to the world.

Make this a different Valentines Day experience while you release any anxiety, stress or sadness, and embrace all the love that is around you and within you.

Remember, you deserve all the love in the world as you came into life with all expectations to live a life of love. Create the intention that you will gift yourself something magical on this Valentines Day. The gift doesn’t have to come from someone else. It could just be you doing something nice for you.

Lots of Love & Light

All In Ascension