The Shift of A Mindset


A few years ago, I was working with a teen who was living her life through the eyes of others. She was a very beautiful girl and fell into the trap of believing she wasn’t smart enough. She would compare herself and felt she fell short from being good enough.

The boys all loved being around her because she was so pretty and funny. She forgot to come out of her shell and realized that she really wasn’t what everyone thought of her. The reputation she had built for herself was that she was pretty but not smart. This started to weigh heavily on her because the girls started calling her names for hanging around the boys all the time. She had lost hope and motivation to be her true self until she started working on her self love. It didn’t matter that others found her attractive, she didn’t see that in herself at all. She fell into the trap of others saying she wasn’t smart and she bought into that idea instead. She would describe herself as lazy and lacking motivation to do anything. When asked about her dreams and her future, she didn’t see much. She had lost focus on being her true self so that she could strive and thrive for greatness.

After working together, reminding her of all the great things she shared, she began to shift her thoughts. She began to feel better about herself. She had a vision of what she wanted to pursue in college and began her journey. Her transformation was so beautiful. The process of her blooming was breathtaking. She diligently worked on being motivated every day to do something nice for herself. She began taking care of her nutrition while working out at the gym. She was a cheerleader at her high school and became an amazing tumbler as her body was strong. She began taking school seriously and transferred to a high school with new people and she made new friends. She was determined to turn things around because for the first time in a long time, she chose for herself. She decided that she was going to become what she wanted and the voices and messages in her head about what she was suppose to be, began to fade away. She made good friends with the girls who admired her strength and resolve to be great. Her grades were really good and it got her into some great universities. She went away for college and chose to study psychology as she wanted to empower others to stay focused to become their own person and stop listening to the voices in their head. She worked very hard to stay mentally and emotionally positive so that she could continue staying motivated to achieve great success in her career, which she had taken very seriously. She realized that once she stopped thinking of herself as lazy and not good enough, her motivation took her to accomplish extraordinary things. She had applied to graduate programs and was pleasantly surprised when she made it to Columbia University in New York. That was a dream come true for her. Of course, there was a lot of fear being that she would have to move from Florida to New York, but her desire to make it big was all she was thinking.

She made the move and persevered to have a successful experience and she absolutely did. She graduated with honors and pursued a career in business using her psychology background.

Today, she is living on her own enjoying a great job, living her career path, knowing that she is worthy and deserving of all her achievements. What is so beautiful to know is that she did it herself by changing her mindset and staying motivated.