I'm In Love With My Life


How many of you can say that? When have you felt that before? Connect to that day, time and moment when you knew that your life was good. Go into the feeling of having that’s precious time to yourself of indulging in the goodness of your life. Everything else becomes insignificant because your embracing the delicious moment of being in your own company savoring the effortless breath that gives you serenity and peace. Take the time to stay there for a little while until you know that you’re ready to take on the tasks of your day. Once you’ve been in it long enough to take that higher vibration with you, make a conscious intention that you deserve this feeling every day of your life.

The hiccups of the day, the change of plans and whatever else shows up, you will endure the challenges with peace and harmony in your thoughts and emotions.

This is the ahhhhh moments of your life that remind you of living a life that is aligned. You deserve to have it all. This is just a glimpse of what your new life will look like. It is absolutely magical to live from this new perspective created by your own intention. Enjoy loving yourself and loving your life.