He’ll Never Know


So many times we make ourselves true to our partners and forget the importance of being true to ourself, first. 

How could you continue to say yes to him when you feel compromised in not speaking about what you want? He can’t read your mind you know!!! If you don’t tell him how you want him to make love to you, he’ll never know. If you don’t tell him how much you want him to listen to you without interrupting when you’re speaking or changing the subject, he’ll never know. If you don’t like the cologne he’s wearing because it repulses you, he’ll never know. If you don’t remind him how much you love flowers, he’ll never know.

Isn’t it time, you do you? Isn’t it time you can share with your romantic partner, that you’re emotionally connected to, that’s your friend and your buddy who has your back, how you really feel? How he can make you feel special? How he can he remind you how beautiful you are inside and out? How he can tell you how breathtaking you are when you walk into a room? How he gets aroused in your presence because you light up the room?

This is merely a glimpse of what you deserve in your relationship. It’s time you tell him what you really want in your life so that you can feel happy and fulfilled. 

Fall in love with you so that he can show you how much he’s in love with you. He will follow your lead so it’s up to you to speak up and open your heart to receive all you deserve in your partnership with the man in your life.