It May Not Be Good But It’s Familiar


How many times do people stay in a job, bad relationship or uncomfortable situation, because it’s familiar?

Think of all the times you complained about your job or your position at work. You might have expressed a huge dislike about the people or your boss but you stayed anyway.

Think of the moments you thought of leaving your partner because you didn’t feel appreciated or supported. You might even recall moments of not feeling loved and respected. Perhaps you mentioned to a close friend that the intimacy was lacking or not that good but you stayed anyway.

Remember that friend that you felt annoyed by for so long because they only spoke about themselves and made everything about them and weren’t really there for you when you needed. You might even have moments of feeling they didn’t have your back because they would talk about you to others. There may have even been times they lied to you and you felt betrayed and lack of trust toward them but you stayed anyway.

It’s time to take a close look at your life and assess how those people or situations serve you and if they don’t feel good you must make a decision to move on. Staying anyway is no longer an option because what’s familiar to you is not necessarily good for you.

When you say no to them you’re saying yes to you.

Love and light,
Aileen C