Are You Really Okay?


How many times do people ask you if you’re ok? What’s your usual response? Yes I’m ok, right?  But are you really ok?

A few months back, in a moment of weakness, I realized that I was pretending to be ok and knew in my heart I wasn’t. It was during a breakdown of uncontrollable crying and despair that I could fathom how much I had truly lost myself. 

I wanted nothing to do with my very hurtful past. I ran away from all parts of my life, including the beautiful things that were so precious to me. I had ran from the purpose I was destined to live which was the love for my work. 

I wanted nothing to do with anything that could remotely remind me of my past to a point that I didn’t know who I was. I lost me and I was NOT OKAY!!!

It wasn’t until that very moment in the conversation with my beautiful sister that I heard myself in deep pain telling her I’M NOT OK!!! I’ve ran so much for so long without any regard of what I was leaving behind just so I could escape the pain. I finally got away and didn’t want to turn back. 

When have you ran away so fast and so hard you didn’t want to look back?

When were you so afraid to let others know you weren’t ok?

I learned the importance of having to ask for help. To be open to receive.  Remember you’re never alone!!! There is always someone who loves you so much and they deserve the opportunity to see you through until you feel more than OKAY!!

Love and light,
Aileen C