Women of Inspired Impact


How many times do you stop and watch a powerful woman carry herself in a way that you admire? You can’t help but watch her style. It’s in the way she dresses, perhaps. It might be what she says, possibly. It’s how she walks into a room and lights it up, probably.

It might only be that she lives her life inspired to make an impact. She is authentic in sharing her real self without having to borrow other peoples lines. She is gentle and soft yet powerful in her delivery of words. She shares her love in the message of her mission and you feel her intention to make a difference. It’s such a beautiful exchange because she leaves you wanting more of what she offers.

That inspired woman is also you!!! Think of what aspect of you comes out when you are doing something you love. When you are so passionate about something you forget about everything else going on around. You’re in awe with every second you spend doing that and could spend your time consumed in that very moment.

What you admire in others is also in you.

It’s time to take note of what that is for and pursue it with all the love and passion in your heart. You deserve to love your life from that place of true bliss and joy.

Much love and light