Inspired Wisdom To Stay On Purpose


There are so many distractions ALL around us, ALL the time, so what do you do to stay focused on purpose?

The best way to stay on purpose was understanding what sparked interest in the things I do in my life. I reflected, through meditation, the importance to know myself well enough that there were things I wasn’t willing to change for anything or anyone. I realized what ignited me when I began to talk about things of interest. It was funny because I could go on for hours about the subject. It was something that made so much sense for me and I felt connected. Somehow it was a part of me I truly loved and it felt very RIGHT!! That’s when I began to understand my passions. The things that made me feel alive. It was in that moment that I knew, at the deepest of my soul, that it was my purpose in this lifetime. It all clicked!! It was the very thing that ignited the spark within me that I would use to make an impact in other peoples lives. It was when passion and purpose were aligned that I felt grounded.

I believe you have that in you too and when you can connect to it your whole world will fall into place. I invite you to continue your search to find your passions and connect it to your purpose. Then, you will find your inner wisdom that will keep you away from all the detours and distractions.

I can’t wait to hear what you discover on your journey. Share in the comments section how your inspired wisdom helped you stay on purpose.

Much love and light,
Aileen C