Where Did Your Voice Go?


It’s very often that there is so much we want to say but instead we hold on to our words because of the fear it might affect someone else. It might be that in the past when you spoke up someone got affected and you hurt their feelings. It might also be that when you spoke up it created a confrontation which made you feel uncomfortable. The reality is that both circumstances are very possible to happen over, and over again; however, holding on to your words is not an option.

When you hold back from speaking up, what you are really doing is holding on to toxic information that needs to be expressed. The truth is that the longer you hold on to it and let it fester, the more poisonous it becomes to you and the more explosive it is when it comes out.  

It’s important to process your thoughts so that when you are ready to speak up, it’s coming from a place of love and peace. Typically, it’s when you can reduce the emotions that get in the way of the conversation. If you are too emotional, you will be speaking out of feeling hurt and taking things personal. When you can express yourself from a matter of fact position, you will not only express yourself with more clarity, but you will be heard better. Unfortunately, when you express anger, rage, disappointment or fear, you have given your power to the other person. 

I hope this helps you to start a new way of communicating where sharing how you feel, and your thoughts become a fun process of everyday life. It’s such a sense of freedom when you can be a full expression yourself even when what you want to say is not so positive. Remember practice makes perfect so make it a powerful intention to begin to speak up today. Have your voice back and use it to share your message. 

Make sure to share your experiences as you never know whose life you can change by what you share. 

 Lots of love and light

All In Ascension