Expand and Grow in True Confidence


A few months ago, I was challenged to step into TRUE CONFIDENCE as the Ascension Mentor in my business and I was quite puzzled.

I asked, “How do you know when you are in true confidence”? “How can that even help”?

I realized that many times, I fell into feeling doubt about the very thing I have spent my lifetime creating.  In all my years as a family therapist, I wanted to help all the clients that would show up in my practice. I did learn that some clients were being told to go get therapy as an ultimatum either by the court system or their spouses threatening divorce if they didn’t FIX THEMSELVES!!!

I knew that the clients that receive the most progress are the ones who are willing and ready to do their work.  It was important for them to be clear that there was something in their life they wanted to shift.

The only way I could transition my practice from therapy to coaching was by being in true confidence of the coaching program I have created. I had to specifically feel defined and strong that I had an amazing coaching program that I’ve been implementing with clients for years and have seen great results. I had to come from a place of serving clients not from a place of selling a package. I had to be confident in the work and understand that it was my duty to offer the program as it would greatly benefit them.

Once I began to feel the true confidence that my programs were created from love and understanding so many clients for so many years, it was inevitable to promote the work and let the ascension process begin.

I was able to begin my own ascension process once I was clear that the awakening program was the next step for my clients.  It was a magical experience to know that all my work had gotten me to this pivotal point of helping so many get in touch with their spirituality while aligning their thoughts and emotions.  All the pieces of the puzzle began to fit perfectly.

Being in true confidence helped me feel the freedom to guide clients in their journey while they take accountability for their progress. They would feel empowered paying for valuable services they’re receiving.

This greatly impacted my life because it’s aligned with my purpose to help raise confidence and vibration for clients looking for something better in their life. I began holding workshops and retreats so that the information is offered to those who can’t do the work one on one. In TRUE CONFIDENCE, I stepped into my life’s purpose to impact the collective by speaking, writing and creating programs.

I had to intentionally stop complaining of having too much work and embrace the growth and expansion that is here for me now. I used my self-talk to feel grateful for all my dreams coming true right in front of my eyes. The complaining was internal, so I changed the inner dialogue, thoughts and messages by releasing words of lower consciousness.

I challenge you to find an area in your life where you feel you are ready to be in true confidence.  It can be in your relationship with your partner, family, or kids. It might be at work or in your career path.  It might even be stepping into true confidence with your own self-love, self-esteem or self-acceptance.

Whatever it might be for you, stepping into TRUE CONFIDENCE will certainly help you to expand and grow as you evolve in your own ascension to living in a high vibrational energy.

Share any feedback as you begin to apply this to your own experience.  There is always someone who will benefit from hearing what others are expressing.  Be in TRUE CONFIDENCE today.

Love & Light,


All In Ascension