I’m Ready To Love Again!

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It took me a while to realize that I had stopped loving myself. It wasn’t until my kids pointed out how sad I looked in family pictures. They pointed out that I was “Fake Smiling”.

As I reflected on what they said, and went back through pictures, they were absolutely right. I was not presenting joy. That’s what it was, I thought to myself, I lost MY JOY!!! Nevertheless, it was worse than that, I lost myself. I lost my dreams, my vision, my drive, my hope and steered away from my purpose. I had made my life all about being there for everyone. I lost my voice and opinion on things. I began to see life through the lens of my partner and it truly fogged up my clarity.

Imagine that!! A strong woman like me. An entrepreneur who’s always been driven by career, making money, creating new businesses but powerless. The self-love is what I had to gain back. Once I loved myself more, I became more confident and assertive. Then I had decided to lead by example and took my voice back and it gave me courage to step into my greatness. At that point, I began to fall in love with the true essence of me. The little girl that came into this world to have it all. At that point, I was ready to take on my mission to deliver my message to entrepreneurs that knowing YOURSELF FIRST is important to claim an identity for your business.

I’ve been preparing myself for this magical journey by all the endeavors of my life. It’s all been leading to this place and time. I call it divine time when it all falls into place in perfect alignment.

As I’ve been able to heal myself and choose me over everything else, my business had to take on my new energetic vibration so that I could become ONE in frequency with my business.

I am now ready to LOVE AGAIN!!