Finding Peace From Resentment


What is it that everyone wants to have in their life? PEACE!!!!

Many times, we want to have peace of mind and peace in our lives but we aren’t aware of what is getting in the way.  I know for me it was the energy and emotion of resentment that was holding me back from having peace.  I thought I had fully forgiven and let go of the hurt I had endured but instead I found that I was not done with the forgiveness process.  There were spurts of moments that I would start thinking of being humiliated and it brought resentment.  I would have a flash of feeling rejected and boom there was resentment.  I even had dreams of being hurt by the harsh words and aggressive behaviors towards me and I would wake up with resentment in my heart.  

A few days ago, I went to get a massage and felt a pain in the center of my heart as if something sharp was piercing me.  It took me aback to realize that the pain was still stuck in the center of my chest.  I made it a point to meditate over what I was feeling, and it was clear that I had not been fully healed from holding onto that toxic emotion.  It was evident that more work had to be done in order for me to fully release and heal the heartache.  

I know that you have experienced resentment in the past and so the question is, are you fully free from carrying that pain that pierced your heart?  One way to take care of it is to acknowledge and accept that you are holding onto resentment.  The other step to take is to heal what still hurts.  Is it the betrayal? Is it the rejection? Is it the humiliation and shame that you were left with? Is it just you beating yourself up because you feel you should’ve known better?

The truth lies in the fact that the pain is still buried deep within you and you are the only one making yourself sick.  I invite you to step into the process of releasing so that you can heal and align to the light that lives within you and around you.  I invite you to embrace that you did your best and that’s all that you can do.  I also invite you to join me at a Crystal Meditation Healing Workshop being held to start to embrace a powerful healing process for 2019.  Make this the year you stand in your own light and create the NEW EXPERIENCES in YOUR NEW LIFE.

The event will be held at the Boulan South Beach, 2000 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Fl 33139 on January 30, 2019 from 6:33p.m. - 9:11p.m. This is a complimentary event. Don’t miss it!!