How many times have you gone shopping and found the most gorgeous dress and you tried it on and it felt perfect.  It’s as if it was made just for you. Then you continue glancing and find the shoes that match the style and colors of the dress to the tee? As you put on the whole ensemble and look absolutely breath taking.  The women watch you step out of the fitting room and can’t take their eyes off you. They all continue to tell you how radiantly beautiful you look. There is a moment when you begin to feel all the words they are using to describe you.  It’s crazy because this time, you’re not making excuses for all the wonderful compliments you are receiving. So, you excitedly tell the elegant woman at the register that you are taking it all. She even presented you with some exotic jewelry to complete the ensemble.  Of course, you say yes to taking it all without any hesitation.

You start to imagine seeing yourself all dressed up at the very special event you have in mind to wear your new outfit.  You get home and try it all on for your family and they are elated by the joy you are exuding. They also start complimenting you repeatedly and you can’t help but to feel like a SUPER STAR.  

As you walk back to your room to start undressing and putting it all away, it hits you.  You begin to cry incessantly. You don’t even know what has gotten over you, but the sadness hit you deeply.  The need to stand in front of the mirror for a few minutes has you staring into the deepest of your eyes where your soul meets.  You keep asking why you can’t feel beautiful even when what you are wearing makes you light up in radiance. You question yourself repeatedly trying to figure out what was wrong with you.  You come out empty. Nothing makes sense!!! How did this happen? You continue to question but its all surreal.

Then suddenly, it hit you. You begin to think how everything everyone has said about how beautiful you look is not how you see yourself at all.  You start thinking that all you see is the excess weight, the lines on your face, the sadness in your smile and realize that you became everything everyone wanted you to be.  You were the mom, the wife, the sister, the friend, the college graduate, the successful career woman and you didn’t stop to see all the beautiful things you left behind.

You forgot the funny you that use to make everyone laugh.  You forgot the mom that could sit for hours playing with her kids.  You forgot the sensual and sexual wife that enjoyed an evening out on a date with her favorite man.  You forgot to call your friends to hang out for a girl’s night. You forgot the times you could just sit with a good book and dive into the story line.  You forgot to take a soothing bath with candles, aromatherapy, soft music and indulge for hours at a time, just because. You forgot how to live by just being you.  The beautiful you that didn’t take life so seriously. It is time to decide to be radically authentic by just being who you really are. The awesome you who took care of everyone at your own expense.  They all see your MAGNIFICENCE, it’s your turn to see your MAGNIFICENCE too!!!