I Could Die Today


How many of us want to be remembered for leaving a legacy? It doesn’t always have to be in the form of a book or a successful company. It’s in the contribution you have made to the universe.

I know for me, it’s been my hearts desire for most of my life. I hadn’t realized the wonderful legacy I leave behind by the contribution of my four children. I know they are magnificent human beings with very powerful intentions to do good. I hadn’t appreciated how much they add to all the people around them.

I then go into all the people I have served throughout my lifetime trying to help them step into their greatness. It’s really something I have been doing since grade school. It was typically my job to fit in with all the groups at school as I wanted to be friends with everyone and being fair was something I took very seriously. I remember being young and hearing my father say how important it was to defend others from being abused. It helped me to be vigilant and watchful of being there for others.

I have come to a place in my life when I go into deep meditation and reflection and take note that my whole life has been perfect. It was everything I dreamed of. I had the family, the house, the cars, the vacations and the career. I am so proud of all I have done because it was truly from a place of love.

I often receive messages from people I have served, who are adults today, that were young children and they still remember me. Furthermore, they express how much I helped them be so much better than they use to be. They go as far as to tell me I saved their life and they have followed their dreams because of words I spoke to them back in the day.

Imagine, I have been helping one person at a time and today, there are hundreds of people who are striving for greatness because of something I said when they were just a child. I have been living my mission since I’m a young girl, trying to make this A WONDERFUL WORLD.  I COULD DIE TODAY and be remembered by many, for impacting their lives. Isn’t that the MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER?!!!! This is the part of my journey that has made my life so PERFECTLY AWESOME.

I want YOU to recognize all the lives YOU have touched and what people will remember YOU by. YOU WILL SEE THAT YOU HAVE LIVED A BEAUTIFUL LIFE TOO!!!! All YOU MUST do is remember the GREATNESS that YOU bring to others and YOUR WORLD BECOMES PERFECT.

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