It’s Time YOU Show All Of You


In the moments when it feels like the world is crumbling down, when you feel misunderstood and unheard, when you think that everyone around you has given up on you, you get to decide what is working well in your life.  What is going on in your life RIGHT NOW that has the PERFECT circumstances for YOU? Are YOU really seeing the big picture? What could it be that YOU are missing?

It happens to us when we think that others know how we are feeling or how we are thinking, but the truth of the matter is they only know what we say.  No one can read someone’s mind to know exactly what the other person is going through.  In a relationship between two people, it is important that YOU EXPRESS ALL OF YOU.  Even the things about you that you don’t even like.  We tend to demonstrate to others the parts of us we want them to see but don’t expose all of who we really are.  

It’s been my experience that as much as I wanted to place myself as the victim of all that I’ve gone through in my relationships, I was only showing parts of me that I felt comfortable showing.  It is my intention to get to know all the parts of me and fall in love with each of them so that I can share ALL OF ME in my next relationship.  I want to attract a person that loves all the aspects of them so they can also be open and transparent with me.  It’s from a place of love that relationships are built to be the best for all those involved.  In hiding parts of us we don’t like, we show up as missing pieces instead of being whole and complete.  

I learned that all the parts of me that were hiding, were the parts that had been hurt.  Were aspects that had been judged, put down, bullied, and even broken.  It was through facing each of those parts that I got to truly embrace the perfection within me.  I could see the beauty, the talents, the gifts and the contribution that I bring into this beautiful world.  I could embrace everything from eyes of love and peace.  I could then attract a life that was represented by all the beauty life has to offer.  

If this is YOU, I encourage you to sign up for a Clarity Call with me.  Let’s see how we can work together so YOU CAN FALL IN LOVE WITH ALL THE PARTS OF YOU TOO!!!!