If You Haven’t Loved, You Haven’t Lived

It wasn’t too long ago, I was watching one of my all time favorite movies, Meet Joe Black. Not only because I love Brad Pitt, but because the message of the movie resonates profoundly for me.

It’s the story of a man who knows he’s dying, and puts his life in order. Most importantly, he leaves his youngest daughter with the unconditional loving advice a father can give his child on life.

He reminds her to BE OPEN FOR LOVE.  He proclaims how LOVE IS PASSION, something you can’t live without. The line that got me was when he said, “TO MAKE THE JOURNEY AND NOT FALL DEEPLY IN LOVE, YOU JUST HAVEN’T LIVED”.

In my own journey, love was something that I wanted so badly, that I accepted everything in hopes that it was love. I couldn’t bear the thought of being in a relationship for so many years, and it not be love. The truth of the matter was the day I found out, I didn’t really love me. How could I give from a place that felt empty? How could I embrace feeling deep, passionate love, when I couldn’t get myself to feel swept away, deliriously happy and head over heels with someone that had killed the deepest feeling of love that I could possibly offer. It wasn’t his fault, it was mine.

I became so desperate in my desires for love, I took whatever I could get until the awakening of my soul reminded me how sad it is to be in a relationship and feel lonely.

The emptiness at the soul level felt irreparable. I was beyond trying to fix it. I was ready to confront it even at the risk of my own destruction. I knew I had died. I toiled with the idea that he might hurt me to the point of no return, but I didn’t care.

My family and friends would know I died in search of love. They would know the importance of the message from the father in the movie. They would understand to live and not have loved and be loved, was not living at all.

It’s your turn to look at YOUR LOVE RELATIONSHIP with yourself and with your partner. Is it something that you can’t live without? Are you experiencing passion from the deepest of your soul? Are you loving  from your head or from your heart? YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE. All the happenings in your journey are precious. Deciding that you’re ready to fall passionately in love with you so that you can embrace passion in your relationship is the one way to know that you have loved, therefore you have lived.

Think what you would tell a child that you love deeply. What advice would you give them about their romantic partner relationship? Are you living that experience for yourself? If you’re not, it’s time you look again and CHOOSE YOU OVER THIS!!!