Acceptance Will Set You Free

In relationships, many times we find that our partners don’t take responsibility for their part in an argument or disagreement and we find ourselves often apologizing.  We begin to realize that it’s never their fault and they begin to make us feel like we don’t do anything right. It might even feel like nothing you do is ever enough.

Then you find yourself not only apologizing but making excuses for their behavior with you. You might even begin to see only the things you like in them without looking at the real picture.  It’s as if you decide to love an illusion because the person you are with is not really what you think they are, at all.  

There comes a time when you realize that trying to convince someone else that you did your best may not get through to them. You might even tell them that you are sorry but that doesn’t phase them either. You may continue fighting for a while trying desperately for them to see your point of view and gain perspective, but nothing!!

At this point you are left with having to make a decision.  You can stay and allow yourself to continue going down the spiral or step up and say enough is enough.  It comes to a point where you feel that you’ve exhausted all possibilities for them to validate your deepest downfalls and forgive you so that you can move on but instead, they leave you hanging. They don’t take any responsibility for their actions and go even further to state that you should have known better not to push their buttons. Once you’ve made your decision, they continue to blame you for not giving them another chance. They go as far as to say it’s all your fault that the relationship didn’t work when clearly it takes 2 people to collaborate to get positive outcomes.

What do you do? I’ll tell you what I did!!! I accepted that it was ALL MY FAULT!!! Yes, when you accept that you weren’t your best self, you can step up and move on.  It’s true!!!! You might have been a better version of yourself when you started the relationship but little by little you were broken down to pieces. The best thing you can do is take the hit.  It’s time to take accountability for your actions in the matter and accept that you didn’t have a chance. There was nothing more you could do since you were carrying the relationship all by yourself for so long.  

A healthy partnership takes two people equally engaged in finding great solutions to disagreements and loving advice to help each other grow.  It takes a nurturing attitude that helps you both feel safe to be all you can be. It comes from a place of unconditional love where there is no space for ridicule or judgement.  

Now you are ready to decide that you deserve to have all the beautiful aspects that come with embracing the most perfect couple for you.  This is finally the part of your journey where you become the best version of yourself so that you can attract a romantic partner that is the best version of themselves.  This is the ultimate acceptance that will set you free. Happiness is in the love that allows you to be free to be you!!!!