You Are More Than Enough

How many times have you questioned yourself and felt that you weren’t enough. If you
think far back, you will realize that it is something that has been happening since you
are a young child. The fact that we are asked to follow certain rules leaves it open for
you to feel like you have failed at something or you failed someone for not doing
something a certain way. Imagine being a young child and being reprimanded and
made to feel that there is something wrong with you for not being like everyone else. At
the same time, you are told that being unique and different is the way to be.

Well, which is it? Do you try to be like everyone else or should you strive to be your own
person? That’s the conditioning you have been receiving your whole life. It’s like a stop
and go process. This clearly is going to create a lot of uncertainty and insecurity. Let’s
go even further!! If you are being yelled at or punished for not abiding by the way
someone else is telling you to do something, there is fear being instilled for being
different. Are you getting the picture?

At school, you are given a grade that tells you that you are doing something right or that
you are not. Once your parents get a hold of your grades, not only are you dealing with
the grade at school but their interpretation of what to do with you if the grades are not
up to their standards. Then you begin the age of having friends and your peers are
telling you it’s okay to try things that are not traditional because finding your own identity
is the way to go. You meet up with people who have been taught different ways in their
homes than you were taught and for sure you begin to question yourself and your

When you become a young adult getting ready to go to college and pursue a career,
you get ragged for not knowing what you want to be when you grow up. You are looked
down upon for not having it altogether. At this point, you begin to either strive really
hard to thrive and become an over achiever or you decide to give up and walk away
from your life’s dreams. You realize that in all the back and forth, you lost yourself and
your dreams became an illusion. You noticed that what was really important to you took
the back seat a long time ago that you forgot all about it. You worked so hard for such a
long time to feel that you were enough that you lost the identity and the essence that
you were born with. You don’t even know who you are anymore.

Then one day you begin to feel a nudging within your inner being that begins to wake up
and tell you that life has more to offer than what you have. It’s a powerful awakening
process that begins to remind you every day that you were meant for something great.
You begin to tap into a knowing that you have a purpose that lights you up when you
think about it. It is time to connect to the deepest part of your soul that came to this life
with a burning desire to be special. Everyone wants to make an impact and leave
something special to be remembered by. You decide that you are ready to feel and
believe that you are enough. You want to proclaim to the world and to all those who
once put you down for being different, that you are more than enough.

In the feeling of elation and excitement, you want to share with everyone you come
across that they are supposed to be uniquely special. It’s the powerful moment of
realizing that what you thought was one way was not that at all. It’s time to step into
aligning with the one thing that is undeniably true!!!! YOU ARE MORE THAN
ENOUGH!! All you can do with that is believe it and make it YOUR TRUTH!!!