Being A Woman of Power

It wasn’t too long ago that I noticed how much time, effort and energy went into my work, my family, relationships and realized that I was feeling depleted and overwhelmed.  It was one particular moment when I found a journal that I had been writing in for years and I was curious to take a glance.  I began going through one entry, and another and another.  By the time I was done, I was incessantly crying feeling very sorry for myself.  Of course, as the strong woman that I am, I kept wiping the tears so that no one could see the pain I was in.  It took me a couple of hours to compose myself and the deep sorrow penetrated my heart deeply.  YES, I must admit, there were many moments of sadness in what I was reading.  It was a whole life time of trying to please everyone.  There were pages and pages of making excuses for how others treated me and there were even more pages of me knowing that I was so much better than everything I had endured.

I kept asking GOD, why would I have to go through such a tragic journey when I considered myself to be a good person.  I was begging for an answer and there was only silence.  I kept at it and in desperation I asked for a sign.  I knew that my kids and my parents were doing good so I acknowledged God for keeping them safe.  Then I went back to asking why I was chosen to go through such tribulation.  Then from the deepest of my soul, my inner voice said, WHY NOT YOU?

That became the first day of the rest of my life.  God knew all along that I had done everything that was expected of me.  I was the SUPER WOMAN that could be the BEST AT EVERYTHING!! Great mom, attentive wife, dedicated therapist, selfless with all the people I loved and generous to offer advice to anyone who would listen.  I spent hours meditating in communion with my higher self and spoke to God every day all day. 

I was being prepared for this.  I was being taught that as much as the SUPER WOMAN title fit me well, I had abandoned being SUPER WOMAN to me.  I would take what ever was left and tried to stretch it out as much as possible until I learned that self-love could not be stretched.  It was in all the other areas that I could survive with scraps, but my heart and soul needed my unconditional love and the only way I could do that was from realizing I had given it all away.

I know I am not alone.  I know you have experienced this too.  I know you thought other SUPER WOMEN couldn’t handle it but somehow you believed that you could.  As you could see, trying to be the best at everything comes with a price.  It is important to realize that being empowered is knowing how to balance all the different hats you wear without losing the most important thing of all, YOU!!!!!!

Forgetting YOURSELF, in the midst of the chaos, will never help YOU feel successful.  Giving up YOUR dreams will make YOU bitter and sad.  Losing site of YOUR purpose will create resentment and hatred.  Choosing to make it about everyone without any left over for YOU, will fill YOU with low self-esteem and little self-love. 

So being a WOMAN OF POWER means YOU remember that being the best that YOU can be fills YOU with a level of empowerment that is what a true leader is all about.  Finding true success as a WOMAN OF POWER is filling YOURSELF with SELF-HONOR, SELF-RESPECT, SELF-CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM, SELF-APPRECIATION AND SELF-ADMIRATION. Ultimately YOU will experience SELF-UNCONDITIONAL-LOVE. 

Many can consider this as being conceited or self-centered, but the truth of the matter is being at YOUR BEST you can share your best from a place of love.  Treat yourself and pamper YOU!!!!

Feeling GREAT is exactly what it feels like to be a WOMAN OF POWER..........