My New Journey: Limitless & Unstoppable

It all began in my journey to see my daughter Katrina for her 26th birthday in NY......

 It was more than a trip, it was a reconnection to my roots. In the process of my kids growing up and evolving, they all thought I was lucky to be able to say I was born in Brooklyn as somehow, they found excitement in that. They have all been my teachers in different ways so imagine having 4 kids, I’ve had a lot of teachers and many lessons along the way.

 This trip was enlightening as I realized how much I had disappeared from being myself. It was time to bring back the essence of my soul at the same place I call home. It was where I learned how much good fortune I was born into by my two amazing parents being immigrants from an oppressed country. If they were able to build a good life for themselves, imagine what I can do?

 I found myself feeling limitless and unstoppable. All I had to have was clarity on what I truly wanted this time around and the how would just show up. I recognized all the successes I’ve had along the way that I always dismissed as being insignificant but for those watching me, they found it to be impressive.

 This was a clear example of how I never saw myself as good enough. No matter all the great accomplishments, I always wanted more and saw myself striving for the next goal without a pause to savor each win. It was different this time because I could see me in Katrina. I saw my incessant will to reach for the skies and didn’t praise myself for all the greatness I had brought into my life.

 This time it will be a journey filled with appreciation for all the succulent riches being embraced every step of the way. Taking in the feast of success from a place of knowing that it’s all beautifully and perfectly aligned with a golden ray of light representing all the triumphs I had passively disregarded the first round of my life.

 In seeing the growth, development and actualization stages of my kids, each creating a life of goals and passions, I knew they were teaching me as I had modeled for them ways to strive for the stars. It was clear as the crisp waters of a running stream and the picturesque sky filled with an unblemished sunset, that I had done good modeling and now was time to act.

 I had deliberately started a practice of helping to transcend lives to a new life path of purposeful living while leaving the trail of my past behind me. It has been a constant transition between being the teacher and the student. It was filled with moments of deliberate brilliance and spurts of challenges grieving from one quadrant into another, all this while shedding off debris and residue.

 In the transformation process, I would go from a place of no return to unconditional self-love. That was the energy that would catapult the different layers I could no longer access as the vibration of my own field grew greater into a place of pure perfected Bliss. It was where heaven and earth united. Where all I could feel was a deepened love for myself like never. I could see, feel, hear and experience a glorious sense of realizing all the excellence within and around me always throughout my journey.

 Here is where true empowerment happens. I was my best student of all. It was in me and my heart felt desires to achieve the stepping into greatness that I walked into the most precious shoes of gold light that defined me and all the aspects of my walk-through life, as perfect.

This is who I AM!!!
This is what I DO!!!
This is what I will help YOU do for YOU!!