Have You Ever Done The Dance?

Have You Ever Done The Dance?

Have you done the dance of being in a co-dependent relationship? 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be with a partner. It could be with a parent, a friend or even a sibling. What we know for sure is it never feels good. The dance that could be beautiful and synchronized feels more like being pushed and stepped on. 

The good news is that having the awareness helps you realize you don’t have to stay in it anymore. The dance of feeling like you are never good enough leading to feelings of guilt and shame can turn to feeling empowered and strong that you can choose to walk away. The dance is not for ever. The song changes and you decide whether dancing is even your thing anymore. 

I tell you, watching someone deteriorate from being illuminated with confidence to looking squashed and small is hard to digest. 

If you have ever been that person, know someone like that or you are going through it now I want to talk to YOU!!!! 

Let’s dive in to mentoring you out of that space and into HIGH VIBES!! I invite you to take the first step of your next dance by doing a COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute CHAT to find out if you are an IDEAL CLIENT for the HIGH VIBE PROGRAM.