A Wounded Heart

We all have someone in our life that has hurt us deeply and we can't get past what they put us through. We feel that forgiving means we forget the pain they caused us. That we are accepting of the deep agony and suffering we endured. That we are allowing them to get away with what they did. That we are dismissing what they did to us as if it was okay. We fester with these thoughts for days, months and even years. They stuck a dagger in our hearts and now we must just pick ourselves up and move on as if nothing. We can't really get out of our mind how they got away with such despicable behavior. Everyone tells us to get over it and move on. What are they even saying? It was a whole lifetime of suffering and I must pretend as if I'm okay and move past it?


Of course, we want to get past it or even pretend it was nothing, but the truth remains that not only did they hurt us with the event, they got away with it and left us broken. The truth of the matter is that by allowing ourselves to stay stuck on the deep wound, we've allowed the event to reoccur repeatedly as if on instant replay. We allow that person to hurt us day in and day out and doesn't allow us to ever heal. How sad that we gave permission to that person to continue having the power and control to repeatedly hurt us and they stay in charge of any chance of happiness and self-love we could ever enjoy.


Our enemy stays so close they become part of our soul. We let the door of our hearts and mind open for them to come in and out as they please. They empower themselves by weakening us. Then we wake up one day and realize that we not only allowed them to victimize us, we remained a victim for the rest of the time we chose to continue to endure pain.


I'm here to tell you it's ok to forgive them for not being what you wanted them to be, for not being a better person, for not embracing the love you offered them. It's not you who is broken. It's really their fault for wanting to be and have what you clearly remind them that they don't. That you are so much better than they are. It's time to choose healing over all this! It's time to mend the wounds and release the pain. It is time to forgive yourself for allowing to stay close to the person who didn't value your greatness. It is your turn to connect to be the best you can be. Release the hurt and connect to forgiving yourself for the self-punishment you've endured. Love yourself enough to let the tragedy stay in the past.