It Was The Death Of Me


Many times we realize that the best way to invite change is to radically break away from all the things of our past.

In my own experience, it was important to rid myself of all the toxic people in my life. I had to come to terms with moving out of my home of over 16 years and close my office which I held in different locations for about the same time frame.

I knew it had to be a radical change to shed all the experiences of my life I had lived that I was ready to release. I knew with certainty, from the deepest of my soul, that it was my turn to step into all the new that was awaiting.

It truly came with the death of me as everyone knew me. The person that had stopped living for me, had to go away to shed light on the new me who was embracing all of life’s situations with an open heart. I even went back to my maiden name that I had changed at the early age of 17.

I knew I had to UNDO In order to BECOME!!! It’s been a journey of peeling layers of my thought patterns, my way of loving and wanting to be loved,to even the way I dress and carry myself.

There have been moments of panic and fear, thrills and excitement, not knowing where I’m heading, to total bliss of spending time with ME!!!

It has been all worth it to know I did it because of how much I LOVE ME!!!!

As you are connecting to this, take a moment and reflect on how you’re willing to die from certain aspects of your life to rebirth and renew to a NEW VERSION of YOU that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!

I’d love to hear from you and mentor you through this process in your journey. It’s your turn to UNDO to BECOME. Go on my website and schedule your free 30 minute Clarity Call.