So Well Put Together


How many of you have thought there has to be more to life than this?

I did!!! It happened a few years ago when I realized that I had been living my life based on what everyone else wanted from me. I was the wife, the mom, the college graduate, the entrepreneur, in a successful business and outside I looked great. People always said how well put together I looked.

What they didn’t know is how good I became at covering up my sadness.

It was one morning before getting my kids up to go to school that I was getting ready and while looking in the mirror I noticed how deeply sad I was feeling. I had done everything I was supposed to do but forgot to do what my heart wanted me to do.

See in my dad’s business, I was successful because I loved serving the clients and interacting with them but I was actually living out my dads dream. It was his vision that got the family business going.

My dream was to become a therapist and help clients through their issues so that they could create and step into the life of their dreams.

The journey was so difficult as I was in an abusive relationship and as a therapist I felt so ashamed for staying in such an unhealthy situation. I had covered it all up so well that no one knew the details, not even my family.

I had buried myself in showing the side everyone was expecting and became really great at hiding until I couldn’t anymore.

It was the very day I was ready to die if that was all life had for me. It was the day I stood up for myself and said enough!!

That day became the first day of the rest of my life. Today I get to live in radical authenticity feeling a sense of freedom like never before. I have connected to my joy again. Life is absolutely and deliciously beautiful. I did it by being ALL IN to creating the life I love. If I did it so can you. I’m here to guide you in your process. If you feel that you no longer want to wonder if there has to be more to your life, I’d love to chat and taylor a program that works for you.

I’d love to have a conversation if you are ready to begin living YOUR life .  

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