It Wasn’t ALL Bad


When we think that the relationship we left behind was ALL BAD, that’s a lie!!!! Nothing could possibly be all bad. The truth of the matter is that we choose to block all the good to justify the hurtful moments we experienced.

I know in my own experience, focusing solely on the bad helped me to move ahead and justify the reason to move forward from the toxic relationship but eventually, I had to look at my whole life’s journey to realize the good in the situation as well.

It wasn’t until I could truly fall in love with me and all I endured, that I could accept the good in my life.

I had to forgive me, love me, accept me and move on with the new me, that I could come to terms with all that happened.

Then I got to embrace the love we shared, the tender moments, the times we were there for each other and the special events, ingrained

in my memories. I could step into all the fun times, the tears we shared and the growing pains. Then to find myself here!!! I’m willing to love my journey with all the surprises and magical moments I got to live.

It wasn’t easy but it was definitely necessary to help me evolve and step into the greatness I AM today.

I invite you to see where you are stuck in the pain and toxicity of the past and realize it’s your turn to overcome and embrace the greatness in you as well.

For a free call, let’s chat and see how we can work together. I am ALL IN to help you in YOUR journey to HAVE IT ALL!!!

Love and Light.... ALL IN ASCENSION