A Test of Resilience: I Made the Journey Alone


So often we find ourselves surrounded by other people and lose sight of the fact that our journey is to be done alone. We become dependent of others for reminding us how we are suppose to feel. We are constantly needing other people’s presence and approval. We decide that being alone is something bad. We even question ourselves if we spend too much time without a partner.

On my first ever trip to Europe for a cruise to Greece, I was going with my daughter and in a group of friends. As I got on the plane to depart to Milan, I realized I took the wrong passport. The person that checked me in at the airline said it was fine since it wasn’t an expired document. When I arrived to Milan, I was told I needed the most recent passport to enter the country, which had my maiden name. I had to leave my group, go back to Miami, then back on the plane to Milan again. I was left to reflect for over 20 hours of alone time heading to experience a trip of a lifetime.

In all the time of being by myself, I learned about the different important aspects of I had lost in my journey. I had become so dependent on others telling me what to do, how to do it and why to do it. On my trip, I became aware of the identity I had given up and the identity I had picked up from being with others. I was now left with the choice of deciding my brand new identity.

I was able to embrace the inner strength and resilience that got me on a plane for over 30 hours to reach my destination. I was being supported with love from my kids back in Miami as my son Danny was waiting for me to arrive at Miami to get the current passport and my daughter Katrina, eagerly awaiting with my friends in Milan. They were all questioning whether I had it in me to return the same day since it was a test of resilience. My amazing friends and kids were all helping me stay strong and focused to attain my goal. I was encouraged by my daughter and friends that they would be waiting at the train station to pick me up once I arrived. It was a amazing moment when I saw their beautiful smiles as we hugged at the train station, upon my arrival.

In my long plane rides, I was able to realize that I could be around people but didn’t have to be controlled by them. I learned to have courage to pursue what I wanted. I was tested to remind me how ready I am to live the life of fulfilling my dreams. I was able to manifest and materialize what I said I wanted for myself.

I went into a deep meditative state where I decided to live my life on my terms. It was great to take back my power to choose what I want and be very clear of what I absolutely don’t want in my life anymore.

It’s your turn to look at your life and make your journey alone while inviting others to visit from time to time. It’s the best way to own your life and all your experiences. If you’re ready to live a life filled with resilience, determination and focus on fulfilling your life’s dreams, sign up for a clarity call at www.aileenc.com