What A Difference A Year Makes

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I've been in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City countless amount of time but this time it was different.

It was August of last year, I could see with another set of eyes. I could feel the deep peace that enveloped me as I just stood absorbing the angelic energy being released by the golden pillars in the sanctuary behind the altar. It was breathtaking to just stand and take it in. I'm so grateful to be in this moment of my life. I know this has been something I was suppose to do at sometime but it really couldn't be more perfectly aligned.

The scent of the church, the huge pillars covered in stone, the traditional doors and windows that tells a story, were all part of the connection to going home. Not only was I in the home where I was born but I was home where I felt connected, understood and aligned.

I know I'm being guided in this journey and in the full process of transition. I ask for divine guidance for the projects, programs, classes and people who are to be in this journey with me. I AM leading With the power and grace of God and angels of light archangels and golden ones while stepping into the Golden Energy and the Higher Consciousness.

It’s awesome to realize all you have learned, grown and experienced in the last year. It’s up to you to step into the greatness of who YOU REALLY ARE and embrace all you have lived. It’s important to see the miracles in your life. Step back for a moment and savor all the magical moments and take the ones that weren’t so great by learning from the experience and release it so you can bring more goodness.

Take a moment of meditation and reflection, be grateful for all the blessings in your life and for the guidance you have received every step of the way from God, The Light, The Universe, Your Guides and Angels. You are TRULY BLESSED.

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