We Are More Than Just This Lifetime


Karma is something that many shy away from understanding, however, it’s such a significant part of our being. Many times we are going through situations in our life and we don’t even realize it’s an extension of something we have already lived in a past life.

We even attract people in this lifetime we knew from another because of how familiar they feel to us. The biggest problem of all is that just because we were in each others life before, it’s not always the best thing to continue a relationship here.

They may have just showed up to settle a karmic debt. It might be as short lived as creating a different experience and getting the lesson and moving on.

There are times we want to stay connected to that person because it feels comfortable but it’s not necessarily best for us. Actually, if it hasn’t been good for each other and you stay anyway, you begin to create a karmic debt in this lifetime.

Think about sending payments to a bank or credit card you already paid off. The company will eventually start sending your payments back because you don’t owe anything.

That is exactly what happens in karmic relationships. The worse part of all is that in overextending the relationship, many times, it becomes a toxic and even abusive relationship. It’s the soul speaking out that being together is not conducive to either of the persons involved.

If you are experiencing the need to stay in a relationship because you don’t know how to walk away or you feel attached to the other person, chances are it’s a karmic relationship that is over. Walking away may be one of the most difficult things for you to do but it’s the only way you get to LIVE AGAIN.

How do I know? It’s because I went through it for 37 years in my own life. It was the most difficult decision of my lifetime but it was the ONLY decision I could make or it would be the death of me.

It was hindering my own evolution and growth to step into my LIFE PURPOSE and SOUL MISSION.

It will be the death of your spirit too if you don’t step into courage and walk away. It will be difficult but it will be the best for YOU and for THEM.

I’m here to guide you how to heal your karma and find the courage to step into YOUR LIFE PURPOSE and connect to YOUR SOUL MISSION.

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