Living Out YOUR Vision


It was only a few years ago that I realized how working in my father’s pool business was the best thing that ever happened to me. The defining moment I thought was destroying me was saving me.  

It was one day, very early in the morning, that I realized I had not been sleeping much at night. I would wake up in terror that the life I was living, was all there was for me. I recall the levels of frustration and anger that lead me to having experiences of panic and anxiety.  I ended up in the hospital, a few times, from not being able to breathe. I was experiencing recurring kidney stones and even diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Of course, I was understanding there was a lot of stress in my life, but it was all too much for me to handle.  There were desperate thoughts from time to time of wanting to just end it but the mere fact of what my family would experience, would immediately take me out of that mindset.

It was one morning where I couldn’t take it anymore.  That day I was up getting ready for work before waking my children to go to school, glancing at myself in the mirror, I broke down to incessant crying.  It was the most excruciating pain because I knew so many of my family members were counting on me to be okay, but I could not help feeling crushed that my dreams had been shattered.  I recall thinking that the pool business was my father’s dream, but I had to pursue my own. There was a lot of figuring out to do for daycare and rearranging schedules, but I was ready to take the challenge to going back to graduate school to finish what I started. I remember thinking I had to lead my kids by my own example.

As much as I became resentful of working in the pool business and not pursuing my dreams, I can see how it served its purpose perfectly in my life’s journey.  I was an entrepreneur making my own hours which made it convenient to be there for my children after school, scheduling classes and pursuing my passion of one day helping others.  I got to spend a lot of time with my parents as the business was handled out of their home. I got to learn from my dad the power of persevering and making my dreams a reality. I learned from my mom the role of a loving grandmother for my children who embraced every minute they spent with her.  I saw the value of family as my kids spent time with their cousins which made them feel like they were all siblings. There was so much love and support, that my vision of being a therapist one day was coupled with doing it in private practice as an entrepreneur.

As I look back and think of how perfectly orchestrated everything had unfolded, it could only have happened through divine intervention.  I have been led and guided, by God and the angels, to see it all fruition. It was so aligned to end up this way, my mission in this life is clearly my soul’s purpose.  

In retrospect, what had made me sick for so many years, is what saved me and taught me the strength and courage to help in the healing journey of all those I serve.  I can give testimony today, that I haven’t experienced any more kidney stones or panic attacks, and a year ago got of the hypothyroid medication.

I now invite you to look at your visions and dreams with love in your heart.  It’s important to realize where you have been carried along the way and how everything has led you to live a life created by you.  If you can surrender and allow yourself to truly embrace that it is all perfect, then you will know that there have been no accidents or coincidences in your life’s journey.  Step into your greatness knowing that your souls purpose has been unfolding every step of the way.

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